6 plus size options to get you the Michelle Obama inauguration monochromatic look.
6 plus size options to get you the Michelle Obama inauguration monochromatic look.
Posted February 4

We could all say that we have witnessed a historical moment at the Biden-Harris inauguration, especially when former First Lady Michelle Obama made her entrance looking stunning, wearing a magenta jacket with a matching monochromatic turtleneck sweater and wide-leg trousers. The look was the perfect representation of the strong, independent, and graceful modern women. It was inspiring in all aspects, and we can definitely learn a thing or two for our daily fashion.

There’s a reason why remarkable women and fashion icons like Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and Kate Middleton all prefer a monochromatic look for important occasions. Because it’s the best, always-in-fashion way to express one’s taste and style. That being said, we might not be able to look as polished and formal as them on a daily basis. But there are still plenty of ways to interpret the monochromatic look into our closets.

We have found 6 plus-size options to help you achieve the monochromatic Michelle Obama inauguration look.

Tassel Hoodie
$69.95$29 with Code

Jogger with Tassel Detail
$79.95$39 with Code

Lucky you! We found a set of comfy sweats in almost the exact shade of purple that Michelle wore from Eloquii.

Hollyn Mock Neck Mesh Top
Fashion to Figure

Miranda Ruched Faux Leather Skirt
Fashion to Figure

Sometimes, mixing up textures will help you add layers to your look, especially when it’s monochromatic. Just look at how perfectly unexpected yet harmonious this nude mesh top goes with that ruched pleather skirt.

LIVI Scuba Overpiece Jacket
Lane Bryant
$84.95Buy 1 Get 1 70% Off

Multi-Way Off-The-Shoulder Swing Dress
Lane Bryant
$49.95Buy 1 Get 1 70% Off

For those of you who are not an advocate for colors, yes, all-black is monochromatic too! Wear your favorite black dress under a just-as-dark overpiece, and there you have a cool monochromatic look with versatility.

Photo: Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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